The Laurels – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any restrictions to visiting times?
    No, but we do ask that if you are visiting after 8 p.m. then please notify us in advance, which enables us to notify the night staff.
  • Do you have an Activities Worker?
    Yes, we currently have two who produce a programme of events such as local attractions, crafts, quizzes, reminiscence groups, movie afternoons, games, exercise sessions and themed activities throughout the year which are designed to be enjoyable and stimulating.
  • Are my family able to take me out during the day if they want to?
    We encourage friends and relatives to take residents out whenever they wish and many of our residents venture out on a regular basis.
  • Are the residents able to use the garden?
    Yes of course and also weather permitting, they are regularly taken to Larkhall Park which is nearby!
  • How much will the fees be for a private resident?
    The fees quoted to each resident cover nursing care, accommodation and full board. They are determined by the assessment completed by the home manager prior to admission. More complex needs will require more resources and therefore may incur a higher fee. Fees are normally reviewed annually in April although a fee increase may apply if a resident’s dependency level changes during their stay with us.